### [[šŸ’ø Scam Gurus]] #Money #Career #Advice Passive Income and Get Rich gurus have NEVER made their wealth (if any) using the methods they are teaching you, because they don't work. They make their money by claiming to teach people how to make money. I too could teach you all that, but you'll be asking for the refund the minute I say: "There is A LOT of work, you will be competing with EVERYONE taking such courses, you will likely spend more on my courses than you will ever make from the "business", if any. These "gurus" are merely "Fantasy Tellers" ... mesmerizing you at best, manipulating and abusing you at worst. I know, someone will say: "But at least some people benefit/succeed." Of course, some do. But tell me this: Would you go through university if you know that only 1% of its graduates eventually generate average income? Would you take a dancing course if I tell you that there is only 1% chance at the end of this course that you will know how to dance? I'll dare say: You are better off gambling with the money, and it will be a statistically better investment. If I ever teach you something that I know will only work 1% of the time, while claiming it works 80% of the time, and YOU are to be blamed if it doesn't work .. oh, AND I will charge you a nice amount for that; what does that make me? I'm pretty sure some "gurus" even have a "kink" of raising people up, then seeing them crash down. There could be so much pleasure in making someone feel elated, and if someone is evil enough, they get pleasure from their fall too ... As a metaphor, imagine pranking your young son on Christmas with a box of a PS5, for him to find a scratch and win which you know that it is most likely a loss šŸ˜› (DONT DO IT! lol) Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid037oUYLAbyLPnBQG6CwanqykC7Rdbrh6L3AwwyULFb6abpPjnJdRbDcTRPRRTPQFLLl) April 8, 2024 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.