# ![[storyline-brain.png|220]] <font color="#ffffff">My Mind</font> As someone who loves to share, my ultimate pleasure is sharing my thoughts and ideas. I'm still exploring how to efficiently architect all this information, so what you are seeing here is experimental work in progress. I'm experimenting with a Wikipedia-like experience where everything is interconnected so the reader can delve, explore, and discover. While still unsure how my mind's "main page", aka **this** page, will look like, I know what I want it to achieve: - Strike the visitor's curiosity. - Maximize the chance that a random first time visitor will see something they relate to. - Provide clear and easy navigation for someone looking for something specific. I have hundreds of pages and multimedia content that I am migrating to this website. I'm aiming at having all this content on here by mid April. Current progress: ![](https://geps.dev/progress/33) > [!multi-column] > >>[!hint] Predictions >>[[ć€½ļø The Greater Depression]]<br> >> >>[[šŸ“· End of Photos and Videos as Evidence]].<br> >> >>[[šŸ¤³ Regulating Influencers and Content Creators.]] >> >>[[šŸŽ Apple Will Fall , Not On Newton]] >> >[[Death Toll in Gaza]] > >>[!question] Philosophy >> [[šŸŒ± To Grow Is To Change]] >> >> [[šŸ•¹ļø Play, don't compete.]] >> >>[[Smaller Sticker, Bigger Sticker]] >> >>[[šŸ¤“ Knowledge Is Power, But ..]] >> >>[[On Giving Advice]] > >> [!error] Technology >> [[šŸ¤æ VR - Experiencing Extreme Hypothetical Scenarios]] >> >> [[šŸ¤– Kids vs iPhone 1]] >> >> [[šŸ“· End of Photos and Videos as Evidence]] >> >> [[Localization is the future of mainstream cinema and TV.]] > >> [!example] Society >> [[Gen Z's Ideological Gender Gap]] >> >> [[Imminent Global Regression]] >> >> [[Work Hard, Swipe Left]] > >> [!note] Psychology >> [[ā˜ ļø Geniuses can be Evil too]] >> >> [[šŸ’£ Narcissistic Self-Destruction]] >> >> [[šŸ˜ˆ How I Cope With Hate Comments]] >> > [!New] > - [[ć€½ļø The Greater Depression]] #USA #Economy #Prediction > - [[šŸ•¹ļø Play, don't compete.]] #Philosophy #Mental_Wellbeing > - [[šŸ¤³ Regulating Influencers and Content Creators.]] #Economy #Technology #Social_Media > - [[A Delayed Collapse is a Worse Collapse]] #Metaphor #Economy > - [[Death Toll in Gaza]] #War_on_Gaza #Prediction > - [[šŸ“· End of Photos and Videos as Evidence]] #Artificial_Intelligence #Prediction > - [[Gen Z's Ideological Gender Gap]] #Generations #Society > [!done] Recently Updated > A lot of my thoughts and ideas keep evolving with time. This is where you will find recently updated content.