### [[ā›” Boycotts Can Benefit The Enemy]] #Economy #Politics #War_on_Gaza #Hot_Take #Opinion Boycotts are possibly one of the smartest weapons used BY THE WEST! To THEIR benefit. (Maybe not intentionally, as that becomes more of a conspiracy, and I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories. They probably are just enjoying the fact that it is happening.) People in the middle east boycotting western consumer brands helps the west in every aspect. Let's dig into this. 1 - Local franchises and imports are DIRECTLY tied to LOCAL economies. Temporary boycotts harm your own people. By the time a brand is in one of our countries, all their profits have already been made. Such boycotts harm your own community, people can lose jobs, places can get attacked. The local economy can weaken. Guess who would be happy to see that happening? 2 - Many people feel helpless and want to "support the cause" .. boycotts are one of the best manipulation tactics to get people to think they are helping, while they are actually harming themselves. When someone cleanses their guilt with a boycott, they are unlikely to do anything else that actually helps. When you don't do anything that actually helps, who would be happy to see that happening? 3 - For a boycott to have any effect it has to be MASSIVE and consistent over months (for consumer goods) and years (for franchises) .. only then, a boycott can make a tiny dent in their financials, which they can simply ignore, as it wont be significant. 4 - all stories of company stock dropping because of boycotts are misinformation .. inaccurate. It's like walking in a rainforest, saying "Let there be rain" .. it then rains .. and you think your magical words are what caused the rain. As a matter of fact, most of the boycotted stocks are currently higher than they were on October 7. Now .. if you boycott as a statement without expecting to have any financial impact, then you are smart. But selfish. The boycott makes you feel good about yourself .. while hurting your own people in your own community. I can confidently say that in our countries, boycotting the western brands the way it is currently done is helping THE WEST's agenda! They benefit from every Starbucks you don't drink. They benefit from every big mac you don't eat. Boycotts (the way they are currently done) benefit them, and harm us. Who is the winner in this equation? Is there a way for boycotts to work for our benefit? Yes. I posted about that a few days ago. Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid02dFyRkggitBshdSifuLDwA7F49LsxgCAt8ZMMif4n1RWk2HXH1iAgJ3DghgZjBiril) October 31, 2023 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.