## [[👨‍💼 Why salespeople suck, and how to fix that]] We all had to deal with that relentless sales-person who will keep calling us, and will not take a no for an answer. These sorts of salespeople can be found in different industries, from high-end gyms to banks to insurance companies. We have also heard all the promises of great services once we sign up. They will promise us that all our needs will be met, and everything will happen the way we want, and that great customer service is their motto. They will also often pressure us to buy/sign-up asap, as “this deal might not be guaranteed later”. If they succeed in getting into our heads, we will eventually discover: things aren’t are customer friendly as they promised. You might even feel that getting hold of someone to actually help you (once you are a paying customer) is virtually impossible. I have recently faced this very problem with Regus. ### The Problem: **Sales Target**. You see, those salespeople don’t really care about you. They care about the consequences they will face if they don’t achieve their monthly targets. I have seen people get FIRED or at least threatened to get fired if they don’t achieve their targets. Those people just want to make a sale. Whatever it takes. They will make unrealistic promises to get you to pay. Their real motto is: “Just pay us now, we will figure out everything later” #### The Solution: **Retention Rate Reward System**. Instead of pressuring sales people into achieving a monthly sales target, reward them for the number of customers they retain month to month. With this strategy, the goal is to KEEP people, and not SELL people. This will result in the following: 1. The salespeople will now care about the client having a great experience. They will truly listen to their needs. 2. Salespeople will start listening to the client’s concerns and raising up to the appropriate departments. They will tackle every concern the customer has and will go out of their way to make sure that the customer has a reason to stay with the business. 3. Potential customers will not be harassed into signing up to things they are not interested in. And instead of being called “That annoying company that keeps calling” .. you will become “that awesome company that makes sure I am happy”. 4. With this system, salespeople will no longer be working with the pressure of a target above their head. They will no longer have those sleepless nights towards the end of each month. Happier sales people = less employee turnover. Originally published on [Medium](https://medium.com/hackernoon/why-salespeople-suck-and-how-to-fix-that-b71ea80e9b85) > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thougts will appear here when available.