### [[Religion VS Cult]] # Someone on reddit asked about the difference between a cult and a religion. "I honestly don’t see the difference between a cult and being just religious they both have communities that judge your every move, both have a list of do’s and dont’s, and both have communities that bully you or reward you for the “good deeds” u do, and each religion will talk shit about one another claiming they’re the true god sent religion 😅 no offence but u get out of one cult to stay in another" I see your point. They might seem similar on the outside, but the cores are extremely different. A religion's goal is usually to better communities. (keeping it simple without getting into too much philosophy). A cult will always isolate you from everyone else. Why? Cults are not very different from a crime ring. Their goal is to build a framework that serves some people's sick perversions. Cults focus on making you hate and doubt everyone else. Almost everyone who is deep into a cult can no longer maintain real life relationships like a normal person. Some cults are financial scams too .. at one point they start demanding large "financial sacrifices" or else you lose "everything you have put in so far". And just like criminal rings, people are recruited into cults to serve different roles within the framework. Many of them aren't necessarily bad people, but brainwashed. Many, especially at the lower levels might not even be aware of what sick stuff happen at the top. They usually only "teach you new stuff" on a "need to know" basis. Otherwise, people would leave from the first day. People who break from a cult will report a lot of sad feelings, and these are the "withdrawal symptoms" of the brainwash. The break come with feelings of regret, trauma, trust issues, some people can't even recover well enough to live a normal life. To them, breaking away feels SO RIGHT and SO WRONG at the same time, with a slightly heavier leaning towards feeling wrong. This is why people who manage to leave are really strong, and have struggled a lot before taking the step. On the other hand, people who break from religion .. 3ade .. more often than not they feel happy :P Maybe a molecule of guilt every now and then .. but that's about it. This difference demonstrates how the core of the two is EXTREMELY different. Cults are the evil version of religions. Originally Shared on: [Facebook]() > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: