### [[Artificial Telepathy: Envisioning the Future]] #Artificial_Intelligence #Technology #Future #Science #Prediction I strongly believe that humans will achieve artificial telepathy by 2050 at the latest. My brain will be able to make a call to your brain simply by thinking about it. In its early stages, we'll be restricted to audio, as it is the sense that is most understood on a physical level. Hence, an artificial recreation of audio using seamless implants is the easiest. Initiating a call will be the easiest part. We already know how to measure and make sense of brain activity, albeit to a limited extent, and use it to create a control signal. We just need to better learn how to control it in more detail to hit specific numbers and give basic orders. Since understanding brain signals is still a very premature science, we won't yet be able to convert thoughts directly. So, we will still need to speak vocally so that internal microphones can pick up the sound. Visual telepathy will take much longer. Originally Shared on: [Facebook]( > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.