### [[Politics of Economic Deception]] #Opinion #Question #Politics #Economy https://www.reddit.com/r/lebanon/comments/1cqycvx/ali_zaber_khalil_exfinance_minister_lying_to_the/?post_fullname=t3_1cqycvx This is going to be unpopular, so I'm bracing for impact :P But please read the whole thing. Part of a politician's job is to always make things sound like they are going well, and to hide any weaknesses in the system. The reason is extremely easy to explain: If any major politician says: "_Lebanon is about to be bankrupt_", be sure that this will 100% of the time be a self-fulfilling prophecy in ANY country. EVERYONE, public and investors, will want to pull out their wealth from the system, and THIS will accelerate the collapse. **So, it is accurate to say that he is lying**. But this is what politicians do. **It is naive to expect them to say the reality in this case.** The USA right now is about to have the biggest collapse since The Great Depression, but that's not what those up-top say. Because if they even hint at that, the house of cards falls. This phenomenon is well studied across many economies around the world. And it keeps happening. It just happens that being transparent about an impeding collapse will inevitably bring the collapse, including a collapse that **COULD have been avoided**. Being silent about a collapse buys a _**GOOD**_ government some time to maybe fix things. Ya3ne **in an ideal situation, the politicians would be lying about the collapse, BUT actually working on fixing it.** Obviously, this is not what happened in Lebanon. It is usually the job of **investigative media/journalism** to raise the red flags. Some do, but for some reason people don't take them seriously enough. Much like how most people will not take my statement about the US economy seriously enough. And for some reason, even though we hate politicians, we love good news more, as it makes us feel safe. So, we will always believe a politician faking good news, over a journalist saying depressing truths. Originally Shared on: [Facebook]() > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: