### [[The Lack of Financial Transparency]] #Personal_Finance #Society #Economy #Advice Most people are not comfortable being honest and transparent about their financial status (savings, income, debt). Which results in a general sense of vagueness, and a lack of benchmark that would help the youth especially managing their financial life. For example, how much money does an average, educated, Lebanese 30 year old make? How much has he/she saved? If I have $30,000 saved by 30 (in Lebanon) is that considered good, or am I slacking behind similarly qualified people? Or maybe doing better? The lack of this info results in many people not achieving their most potential. A few years ago, my life changed when I discovered that a similarly qualified person was making around $2500 a month (in Lebanon), when I had thought that 1 .. 1.5k was great. This changed my target setting, my negotiation tactics, and gave me a clearer understanding of how much I am capable of financially producing as a 30 year old in Lebanon. I also discovered that many people make reasonable amounts, but they choose to hide that, or claim otherwise. PS. Money isn't everything, and it is not a sign of success. But for the sake of a focused conversation, I am restricting this discussion to financial income. PS. The numbers I gave are based on the Lebanese market. But the general idea applies everywhere. What are your thoughts? Do you think this information is important? Are you comfortable sharing your financial status. If not, why? Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid07dn2nA1tMMauzzKg1cMFxBzZJHPMcLy9GutQXZtM111EwSK6Xb3Byyb58wZVWcftl) May 16, 2017 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.