### [[Mom And Dad Never Taught Me]] #Religion #Family #Identity #Generations #Values #Childhood I want to thank my parents for never teaching me .. I want to thank my parents for not teaching me that there are Sunna Muslims and Shia Muslims. I only discovered that when I was around 19. I want to thank my parents for never correcting the way I prayed, although I studied religion in a Sunni school (not my sect). At that time, I didn't even know that Islam exists in multiple versions. I want to thank my parents for never telling me that I should wait 10 minutes after call to prayer to break my fast in Ramadan (Sunna and Shia break fast at slightly different times). I want to thank my mom who I used to ask "why do you put your hands on your sides instead of on your chest when you pray, as they taught us in school?" (Sunna and Shia pray a little differently, and hand positioning is essential) She would answer me "some people pray with their hands on the sides, others pray with their hands on their chests. It doesn't matter." I want to thank my dad who used to drop me off and pick me up from the mosque where I used to pray with my friend, whom I later discovered was Sunni. (Sunna and Shia have different prayer houses). Thanks mom and dad for not teaching me the difference. And I wish I had never learned. ![[family1.png]] Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid0Ds3GkEHM17cp1RH49LbJVgtSYYoV7tWoCFnvthbpSDSpNDpVRkuRwrCFzffS68L4l) August 9, 2020 > [!rtl]- بالعربي > بدي اشكر أهلي إنو ما علموني .. > > بدي اشكر أهلي إني ما عرفت انو في شي اسمو سني وشيعي لحتى بالغلط اكتشفت هالشي بس كان عمري ١٩. > > بدي اشكر أهلي إنو ولا مرة صلحولي كيف كنت صلي، خصوصا انو تعلمت الدين بمدرسة سنية بالإمارات، ما كنت عارف وقتا أصلا أنو في كذا طريقة للصلاة ولا كنت عارف إنو الإسلام كان في منو كذا version. > > بدي اشكر أهلي إنو ولا مرة قالولي اني لازم انطر ١٠ دقائق بعد الأذان لأفطر برمضان. > > بدي اشكر امي يلي لما كنت اسألها "ليش بتنزلي ايديكي لتحت انتي وعم تصلي، علّمونا غير شي بالمدرسة" ... تقلي "فيك تصلي متل ما بدك .. في ناس بتحط ايديا عصدرا و في ناس عجنبها، ما في فرق" > > بدي اشكر بيي يللي كان يوصلني وياخدني من المسجد مع رفيقي يللي بعد سنين اكتشفت إنو سني. > > بدي اشكر أهلي إنو لا علموني ولا فهموني. > > وياريتني لا فهمت ولا تعلمت. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: August 9, 2020