> ### [[Living in Chaos]] #Psychology #My_Quirks #Self_Awareness #Introspection I live in a mess ... my room is a big mess .. I have to look for my clothes between piles. My laptop bag is a huge mess .. just today I threw out of it 1/5 kg worth worth of useless papers and other stuff. My computer's desktop was a big mess (before it was stolen) .. I had 150 icons, they wouldn't even fit on the screen. And what's annoying is that if I decide to fix any of the above .. a day or two later (30 mins for my desktop) .. things get back to their messy state. All in all .. all my personal spaces are just TOO MESSY. Is it a sign of other broader problems (for my physiologist friends)? > [!tldr] Update - May 16, 2024 > 10 years later. Exactly same. I recently read learned that this could be related to ADHD in a way or another. I only recently started considering whether I might have ADHD, but I did not get officially diagnosed, and I am still making up my mind whether ADHD is a real illness, or a personality trait combined with some bad habits and behaviors. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: January 15, 2014