### [[Breaking Free From Toxic Expectations]] #Mental_Wellbeing #Personal_Growth #Self_Awareness #Psychology #Life For a long time, a big contributor to my mental health issues was my guilt feelings towards living a happy and comfortable life, a life that I actually chose to live. Yes, I felt guilt, anxiety, and worthlessness because I was living a life I actually enjoy living. Confusing I know. At one point in my life, I was manipulated into thinking that work work work is what makes a person successful. That I have to be achieving something new every day. That my life is like a game and I should keep moving to the next level. That if I don't change the world, I'm almost worthless. That I should never give up no matter what. It took a lot of work and self-reflection and EXTREMEEEEE mental and emotional downs to learn that things shouldn't be this way. It's time to call out VERY toxic concepts and phrases that are carelessly being shared everywhere, especially in the entrepreneurship and motivation industries. Phrases such as: Go big or go home. Never give up Anything you set your mind to you can achieve. If you are still a victim of this mentality, you definitely know its dark side. And it is VERY dark side. Don't be ashamed to think differently. Forget everything you were taught, and do what makes you genuinely happy, NOW. Live your life in a way that if you die tomorrow, you will have no regrets. Delayed gratification is a myth. Eat your marshmallow and enjoy it. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: July 23, 2021