### [[True Crime Entertainment]] #Entertainment #Media #Society #Ethics #Dystopia #Prediction The popularity of true crime entertainment is making certain crimes worth their punishments. Think of it: commit a crime that makes a good story .. get caught .. get punished .. sell your story. Some people's crimes have set up them for life. **Tips for success:** - Bring in a story teller from the beginning. A good story teller will know what will later sell and what won't. You don't want to create a story no one wants to hear. - Have a good lawyer from the beginning. You need something punishable, but not TOO punishable. A few years in prison at most. - Document .. document .. document .. (the verb, not the noun šŸ˜›) PS - This model has already been used by some YouTubers (committing real crimes just to make a video) .. so it's only a matter of time before those crimes get more edgy and more elaborate, enough to become a lifelong source of income. (This has happened before, but not intentionally .. I guess ) Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid02ygMuBjYTcEsJ8TvyEjTBtNLAuSWhMiQDFr6YrXRyU1bVzvLS3GvBGjVSSkvwnP1bl)October 2, 2023 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.