### [[Imminent Global Regression]] #Humanity #History #USA #Prediction #Dystopia Historically speaking, there have been several points in history where human civilization regressed due to major global developments (went considerably backwards economically and technologically). Unless you don't believe in history, this could happen again. And I can argue that it is more likely to happen now than ever before, given that our current civilization structures are extremely centralized, and, for the most part, rely on the USA. The USA is currently the world's main source for: technology, research and education in most fields, economic stability, and even entertainment. The silver lining, from my perspective, is that a lot of the current progress has harmed us with consumerism, materialism, superficiality, social decay, pollution. I'd love to see a cleanse happen. It'll definitely be tough, but much needed. Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid0V3ZSXSSjeXKXTuKPv6a8d4yMn6HFaufTbSe91G84hLDGyVr8VCrdw84r1ZHnSPqTl) > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > [[〽️ The Greater Depression]] > > [[A Delayed Collapse is a Worse Collapse]]