### [[The Cereal Journey]] #Food #My_Quirks One of my all-time favorite culinary experiences might surprise you.. but I am sure that many will relate. It's one of the rare food experiences that take you on a journey of flavors and textures that change while you enjoy it. It is eating a sweet cereal with cold milk. You start with very crunchy cereal and cold milk. The sweetness comes mostly from the cereal. The milk is still neutral. You feel the contrast in textures: Crunch and Liquid - and flavor: sweet and neutral. As the cereal soaks in the milk, the milk starts getting sweeter and richer, while the cereal's texture starts developing into a partially mushy texture. Each bite takes you from the mushy texture down to the crunch. You meal at the moment even makes a unique crunch sound, which will disappear altogether soon. As you get towards the end of your bowl, the cereal gets to a pudding like texture, and the milk is now in a very different place from when you started; it's sweet, rich, and has a dessert feel to it. While many people would end it here, I actually always add fresh cereal again. The fresh crunchy sweet cereal, mixed with some soft chewy leftovers, combined with the ultra sweet milk tastes like a firework celebration in your mouth. Then for the sweet closure after the end of org.. I mean, climax, you sip whatever is left after all the goodness is gone .. the sweet nectar .. the essence of the whole experience. --- I can't think of ANY dining experience that could take you on such a journey with ONLY two things: cereal, and cold milk. ![[The Cereal Journey.png]]<br> Aitwork created with the help of Stable Diffusion > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: September 16, 2022