### [[Gurus Don't Care For You]] #Economy #Business #Capitalism #Ethics #Opinion #Advice Most financial and business gurus are categorically and exclusively motivated by their own profit, not yours, and I can prove it logically with basic economics. As a matter of fact, your success is a potential loss to them. Why? 1) If everyone is rich, no one is rich. The more money people make, the less valuable the money is. If there was a printer that prints easy money, everyone will have it, and money becomes worthless as markets mark up the prices. 2) With industry specific "gurus" .. why would anyone want someone else (let alone thousands or millions) to bite into their market share? Why would anyone "innocently" teach millions how to compete with them .. not only that .. but they also claim "insider tips" and "trade secrets". "Gurus" DO NOT want you to succeed ... business gurus today are equivalent to "weight loss pills" of the last decade. They are modern day scammers who thrive on people's insecurities, give people false promises, and MAJORLY rely one the fact that if a customer or follower fails, then this customer will blame HIMSELF or HERSELF as not good enough, especially that, after all, a "successful guru" can't be wrong. Do not listen to or follow gurus who promise to make you rich and successful. Resist their mesmerizing charm, and learn from friends and close people you trust, as they will tell you what no guru will say. Learn from experts whose focus is on information and knowledge more than focusing on their personal brand, charm, and promises. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: September 3, 2023