### [[Cryptocurrencies Impractical Yet In Real Life]] #Technology #Opinion #Economy #Personal_Finance #Future See, I'm a fan of crypto. But we need to be realistic though. I still don't think crypto is practical, especially for wealth storage. There are many scenarios where the outcome can be terrible. What if I die suddenly? What if I lose my key. What if my wallet is hacked. Very small problems and loopholes can make wealth evaporate. We still do not have the frameworks to resolve those issues properly. For example: If my money is in a bank, and I die, even without leaving a will, there are frameworks for family to claim the wealth. If my money is stolen, there is a framework to report. investigate, and potentially have a chance at reclaiming it. Crypto still feels like it can potentially disappear for the slightest mistake. I am pretty sure that some people are working on fixing these fundamental problems to hopefully make it a viable and humanly usable wealth storage instrument. Or MAYBE we don't need to store wealth at all .. so it might be a good thing after all :P Wealth storage is the source of all evil. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: May 09, 2024