### [[Apple No Longer Wants To Innovate]] #Innovation #Business #Economy #Technology So, let me put it this way, and I know that Apple fanboys will hate. Apple no longer wants to innovate. Apple knows how to perfect. **Apple waits for others to do the dirty work**: the innovation, the risks, the crazy ideas, the massive failures. And then climbs over their dead bodies, takes all their learnings, and builds a great product. I'm sure we all teased our Apple friends when their phones didn't have a calculator (yeah, the first iPhone didn't have a calculator), or when they didn't have widgets, or when they couldn't fast charge, just to name a few. As long as there is a global recession, and Apple's competitors are unable to spend money on research and development, Apple will stagnate. They have nothing to climb on. From a business perspective, I find this very interesting in several ways: 1. **Innovation can be overrated**. It is not a prerequisite for business success. 2. **Risky Research and Development** (let's call it RR&D) **doesn't have to happen within your own business**. Technically, it is happening all around you, you just need to be a GREAT learner. 3. **You don't need to change the world**. It's okay to focus on just making it better (according to you). 4. When you have a massively successful product, **you don't need to change what isn't broken. Just act like you did** :P All this, however, while it looks good on the outside, generally is a sign of an impending drop. Think Nokia. When you get too big by playing it safe, you just get used to it. You will stay on the top for a while, but that is a very vulnerable place to be. A single failed iPhone launch can be detrimental to Apple. They have no reason to take big risks. This opens the space for innovation. Innovation never comes from giants. What Apple did to Nokia will soon happen to Apple. When, who, how? That is to be discovered within the next 5-10 years. To Apple's benefit though, they have a relatively diversified business and a MASSIVE savings account. That being said, their business is not as diversified as you might imagine. Are you familiar with Apple computers? Their whole laptop and desktop lineup accounts for less than 10% of their revenue. The 90% comes from iPhone, iPad, wearables, and the app/music store. The current recession is actually to Apple's benefit. This global recession is already starving and crippling competitors, some might not even make it to the other side. Apple, however, has what it takes to survive. The question is: once Apple is done surviving, and the world recovers, will Apple know how to stay on top? A smart acquisition might be the answer. Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid0rTBRWT1zGXybLeKnij722c7K34SihtVBGpW15ERoLtAVB4aWXZmpFwnEshMLvrwSl) Sep 09, 2022 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.