### [[iPads Vs Arcades]] #Entertainment #Technology #Generations #Perspectives If 10 years ago I told you there will be 4 FREE UNLIMITED Arcade games, and kids won't care ... Would you have believed me? The irony is that they are likely playing the games that they always play anyway. Classic video games don't even come close to the addictive potential of modern games. ![[airportarchades.png]] Photo taken at CDG Airport, Paris, France > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > إذا أخبرتك قبل 10 سنوات أنه سيكون هناك 4 ألعاب أركيد مجانية غير محدودة ولن يهتم الأطفال ... > > هل كنت ستصدقني؟ > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: April 25, 2022