### [[A Master Of None]] #Artificial_Intelligence #Technology #Society #Future #Experiment **What I asked AI:** "Can you make this paragraph Better: scientists have discovered that an AI that is trains a little bit on many different subject has consistently performed better than an AI that has been fine-tuned and claimed on a specific subject including at the subject the specialized AI specializes in" **and AI delivered:** "Researchers have found that a multi-task AI, which is trained on a variety of subjects, consistently outperforms a specialized AI that has been trained on a single subject, even in the area that the specialized AI is supposed to excel in. This suggests that a more general approach to training AI can lead to better overall performance than focusing on a specific task or domain." This discovery possibly points at one of the earliest incidents of AI helping us answer some existential questions. Also, this simple demonstration above should foreshadow the influence of Artificial Intelligence, which is still in its infancy, will have on our cultures, education, societies. ![[multiskilledai.png|500]] Originally Shared on: [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/theali/posts/pfbid0eVcKP6TRthCkw3ziJBEDB1rRhD7ma3RvuHuZBNvsU1fWQpGX1Bnu6wRZx3trt82il) December 9, 2022 > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available.