April 05, 2024 - Dream: Went to follow up with my doctor about post nasal drip. Another doctor insisted to see me. He scanned me, and I could see a weird scary creature on the camera coming out of my mouth. The creature was removed from my body, and went to the body of the nurse. The nurse didn't seem bothered, the doctor told me that it's ok .. this creature has a job to do. When I saw my actual doctor, I told him what just happened, he didn't seem surprised. He told me that it's just a different school of medicine. --- I'm one of a few sea creatures looking for water, we found a water body, but i had very little water, the water was too salty. Turns out that this is because of pollution. Lots of plastic objects were in the water, and those had to be cleaned. There was a kids blow up castle nearby that was throwing plastic balls into the water, --- I was using a tool that measures whirlwinds in the sea from distance. Then I found myself in the middle of the sea in what felt like an inflatable balloon.