### [[Our Brain Fills In The Blanks]] #Experiment #Science Your brain is really good at filling in missing information and amplifying your senses without you even realizing. You can experience this system at work with this simple and fun experiment (some of you might have already observed this phenomena) Turn on a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner or any device that is very loud. Without looking, use your phone to play a random song from your playlist at a volume that is high but barely audible over the hair dryer or Vacuum noise. If the volume is right for this experiment, you will be able to notice the music, but can't tell what song it is. Now, stop the noise making device for only 5-10 seconds to know what song it is, and listen to a few seconds of it. Then turn on the noise again. Most people will now be able to "hear" the music much better, and even sing along. This system works with all our senses, not just hearing. Think about a time when someone pointed out a smell in the air which you couldn't smell at first, nut when you do, you can't stop it. The system can amplify and reduce signals as needed to make your brain work more efficiently. It's not perfect though, this system can suffer from disorders that could lead to many mental conditions such as dyslexia and psychosis. Note that this is not about how well your sense works biologically. It's about how your brain processes the signals. You senses need to be functioning before the above system even kicks in. Think of it as a software that manages the signals. The quality of the signals is separate from the signals' management. Actually, it is also the system that enhances other senses when one gets weak. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thoughts will appear here when available. Published: February 26, 2024