### [[Teach Your Kids HOW To Learn]] #Education #Future #Learning #Knowledge #Childhood #Advice The days of teaching children what to learn are coming to an end .. and those students are already at a disadvantage. The future is for the children who have been taught HOW to learn. > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > لقد أوشكت أيام تعليم الأطفال ماذا يتعلمون على الانتهاء ... وهؤلاء الطلاب أصبحوا بالفعل في وضع صعب. > > المستقبل هو للأطفال الذين تعلموا كيف يتعلمون. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > >- [[👶Raising Children For A Different World]] >- [[Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities]] Published: March 17, 2022