### [[Empowering Children Through Self-Deprecating Humor]] #Advice #Parenting #Self_Awareness #Humor #Childhood #Mental_Wellbeing To give your children the mental guards against potential bullying, teach them to make jokes about themselves. This includes their weaknesses, flaws, and even their strengths. Once they have that power, bullies will find no crack to mess with. > [!rtl]- بالعربي > > لتزويد أطفالك بالحماية الذهنية ضد التنمر المحتمل، علّمهم أن يلقوا النكات عن أنفسهم. > > وهذا يشمل نقاط ضعفهم وعيوبهم وحتى نقاط قوتهم. > > وبمجرد أن يمتلكوا هذه القوة، لن يجد المتنمرون أي صدع يعبثون به. > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > >- [[Why Kids Stay Silent]] >- [[Kids and Quantified Self-Worth]] >- [[Apologies in Parenting]] >- [[Teach Your Kids HOW To Learn]]