### [[ChatGPT Bias Misinformation]] #Artificial_Intelligence #Technology #Social_Media #Politics #Misinformation NO - ChatGPT is not intentionally biased against one side. At least not as some people are claiming. Large Language Models are word calculators, they don't, yet, have opinions (they can if their creators choose to) .. People claiming that ChatGPT approaches the different sides differently is easily refuted by simply asking the questions in reverse order. Passing on viral posts without inquiring, cross referencing, or experimenting helps spread misinformation. Misinformation can also harm the side spreading it by helping the other side build a case against them: "They spread this and it's wrong, so everything they say is wrong". ![[chatgptgaza.png|400]] ![[chatgptgaza1.png|200]] > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > >- [[Spreading Misinformation Harms YOU]] >- [[Improve ChatGPT Output Quality]] >- [[Improve ChatGPT Translation Quality]] >- [[ChatGPT Mistakes]]