## 🤑 Business & Marketing I am a business innovation and marketing fanatic and have have started many small businesses over the years. I especially enjoy helping others start and improve their small businesses. My **earliest memory** of me trying to sell something is when I was in Grade 5, around **1997**. I was extra geeky and had a talent in programming GW-Basic, an archaic programming language I learned at school. I made a program for a school project, made a few copies of floppy disks, and convinced the bookshop under my house to offer it to their customers for 5 UAE Dirhams. I don't think I sold anything. My second memory of starting a business was sometime around the year 2000. My family lived in the UAE and we would visit Lebanon during the summers. On one of the summers I convinced my cousin to charge kids by the hour to play games on our consoled. We had a few different consoles and games, so we posted flyers around the village, and used my uncle's shop as our pop-up arcades :D I create business concepts for fun. Some of them get to the revenue generation stage, but most them never leave my my own screens. My enjoyment comes from building the concept, not necessarily executing it. Here are some of my favorite along with the stories behind them and their current status. Interesting in starting a business with one of those concepts? Reach out. > [!multi-column] > >>[!hint] Food/Beverage >>[[Dip 'n' Dress]] >> >>[[Just Peanuts]] >> >>[[Popcorn on Wheels]] >> >>[[SuperSeeds]] >> >[[The Shakery]] > >>[!question] Events/Activities >> [[The Dream Matcher Experience]] >> >> [[SkillPills]] >> >>[[Lip-Sing]] >> >>[[LOL]] > >> [!example] Web & Apps >> [[Pikaside]] >> >> [[YouToober Store]] >> >> [[The Dream Matcher]] > >> [!error] Clothing >> [[Le Basics]] > >> [!note] Services >> [[The Cable Guy]] > >>[!quote] Products >> [[Rebuild Lebanon]]