## [[▶️ Deep Shit]] I collect in this playlist videos that I find uniquely and deeply insightful. I do not necessarily endorse or agree with the ideas of every video. Me thinking that certain ideas are extremely interesting does not necessarily mean that they are ideas I believe in or agree with. For a video to earn a spot on this list I have to find it exceptional; not just great. I have a separate playlist for videos I find great called .. you guessed it .. [[▶️ Great Shit]]. <iframe class="airtable-embed" src="https://airtable.com/embed/appTQmwZfdZhQaWey/shr8XVhb1FjTPh95f?backgroundColor=yellowLight&layout=card&viewControls=on" frameborder="0" onmousewheel="" width="100%" height="533" style="background: transparent; border: 1px solid #ccc;"></iframe>