## Update Log ### 2022-06-01 ==Example Vault Updates== - Changed the theme to the Blue Topaz theme (and a lot of changes have been made in the style settings); - Enabled the "colorful progress bar" css snippet; - Added icon folder plugin; - Fixed the project tracking bug that appeared when empty folders or empty tags are queried; - Updated a way to query tasks through the journal, see [[2022-06-01]]; - Add a query (based on @fenghua's code) that contains the key field "\#BirdLog" on the home page. ## Issue reports and feature requests ### 2022-05-30 ==Feature Requests== - [ ] Birthday countdown exclusion function ==BUG Fixes== - [x] sourcefolder look - [x] Zero project error - [?] Compatibility with the new version of DV (wait for the official launch and then fix it) - [ ] home css is not compatible to use heatmap - [-] Home css and then using the ad plugin will cause a typesetting error (the troubleshooting failed to reproduce the problem) - [-] The display problem of ad under the BT theme (the problem cannot be reproduced after troubleshooting, you can refer to the use of `ad-translation` in [[Fisherman and its Soul]]].) # Summary ```dataview Table Summary from "00 - DailyNotes/DailyNote" sort file.name desc ```