## [[Work Hard, Swipe Left| "Work Hard? Swipe Left!"]] The generation currently under ~25 years old has managed to turn “working hard” into a “taboo” … the notion that one needs to put any substantial effort (or time) into work has become very repulsive to them, even arguably stupid, since the current world offers plenty of ways to generate “easy money” .. and this easy money is heavily flaunted on social media. It is not surprising to see a 23 year old not doing any actual work, and even rejecting job offers, instead, mostly waiting for the easy money opportunity to arise. This is a very complex topic with positives and negatives (mostly negatives in my opinion), but I just wanted to highlight the notion of “hard work” going out of fashion. ![[easymoney.png]] See .. I’m not against easy money in itself. I definitely look for jobs that pay more for less work. BUT, for me, this is a decision that is personal to me. The problem is when there is a whole social stigma that is integrated into “hard work” and social glorification integrated into the notion of “easy money”. If everyone wants the easy route, then who, in the next few years, will be the doctor, and the plumber, and the hairdresser, and the chef, and the nurse, and the engineer? Until we invent technology that does ALLL jobs .. we can’t have a whole generation that doesn’t want to work. Companies and institutions of all sizes and in all sectors are already starting to struggle with hiring fresh blood. This will result in an aging workforce, which results in a different set of issues. Originally published on [Medium](https://medium.com/@alichehadefarhat/work-hard-swipe-left-850f5c7c018b) > [!seealso] Related Thoughts > > Related thougts will appear here when available.